The arrival of summers means a lot of things for different people. For some people it means hitting the gym to get rid of all the winter weight, for most people it means summer break so no school or college to worry about or deal with and for some it means taking out the nice summer dresses and hanging out with their friends and loved ones. It is pretty important to go out and get some fresh air especially given how the coming generations are more likely to spend their days indoors.

So as summer has been going on, different people have been spending it their own way. A lot of people go on vacations or weekend getaways and trips of different kinds and spending their days outdoors. Some people take up a learning activity and try to perfect and some people spend most of their day’s indoors browsing social media or streaming different shows and whatnot. Now that summer is nearing its end, everyone is trying to make the most of it and doing whatever they can to enjoy themselves.

If you happen to have fallen in the shut in category and realized that you might be the only one with pale skin by the time the next term starts, you can always cheat your way into achieving a tan and no one will even know. One option is to opt for a spray tan which can be a good idea but it wears off a little quickly and the wrong shade can really make it look really unattractive. Your second option is to opt for a tanning lotion. A tanning lotion promotes melanin production and speeds up the process of getting a tan, so you do not have to spend countless hours on multiple days to achieve your desired look. You can look the best outdoor tanning lotions online or in stores to get a better idea.