If you are planning to construct a house on your own then you should know each and every step but even if you planning to get it done by a home builder, you should be aware of the step so that you know what the construction company is doing and you can be involved in the whole process by being aware of it. Before the construction actually begins, you first need to find an area that you like and then find a place that you want to get the house built on. After you are done doing that and actually purchase the piece of land, you would need to hire a house building company that you like and comes under your budget. We would recommend that you do not be a miser and choose a really good company for this job as it would require professionals only.

It is always a good idea to look at the testimonials of a company that you are planning to hire so you should definitely look into Mr Build Construction reviews and hire the company if you like it enough.

Blueprint of The House
The first thing that would happen is that the builders would sit down with you and decide upon a design for your house and would create a blue print according to the design that you decide on.

It is very necessary that you get all the permits and insurances regarding construction.

For the actual construction, the first step would be the laying down of the foundation of the house and concrete would be poured.

A proper drainage system would be installed for every part of your house.

The next step would be to build the floors, walls, roof etc.