If you happen to be a citizen of Australia and have some work that requires a professional logistics company, what could be better than Gecko Logistics? Gecko Logistics has been around for a very long time more than 40 years to be precise. Although the company’s name has changed several times but the quality of service has remained the same for all of them. The gecko logistics was taken over by new management in the year 2004 and since then the new director not only enhanced the excellence in services but established a good name for the company among their competitors. The company itself has seen a lot of different changed but the as mentioned before the one thing that remained constant throughout is their will to work hard and make deliveries on time.

There are several different kinds of transportation services that are offered by gecko logistics and we will be discussing them in detail. Without any further ado we will jump right into it, following are some of the different kinds of transportation services provided by Gecko Logistics and check them out below.

Machinery Transport
One of the main types of services that are being offered by gecko are the machinery transportation in which they basically have specially designed vehicles that are able to carry heavy, industrial machinery and are able to deliver them from one destination to another without any hassle.

Container Transports
Another one of the popular service that is being offered to us by gecko logistics is that of container transport. The best thing about choosing this particular company is that they have access to most of the ports and also happen to deliver containers that are ready for shipments from one country to another as well.