There aren’t a lot of modern buildings that, when looked at, leave one breathless and in awe, the Tour Des Canadiens condos are in the list of the few high rise buildings out there that one can truly marvel. Located at the Bell Centre in Montreal Canada, this condo project is perhaps the most well-known in all of Canada since it is the home of one of Canada’s legendary hockey franchises out there. Designed by Cardinal Hardy and Martin Marcotte, two incredibly talented architects, the building is an architectural masterpiece in and out, but having a big name and looks alone are not what make this condo project so popular.

These condos are situated in the heart of Montreal, with all the best shopping malls, art galleries and restaurants only a few minutes away, and the rest of Montreal accessible through the numerous bridges and highways that converge near the condo. Montreal’s underground city is also right next to these condos, meaning that you won’t have any trouble with travelling at all. Along with being situated in one of the most upper class areas of Montreal, the condo offers a variety of indoor amenities, great parking space and luxurious living abodes for under two hundred thousand dollars.

The phase 2 of this condo project has finally become available for booking and you can get all the information that you need from My Montreal Condos, Tour Des Canadiens’ official broker. The bookings have received a lot of positive response and space is already starting to become limited, so if you plan on buying space in this condo project you will have to be fast. You can read more about what this project promises and have a booking made on the official broker’s website, so be sure to pay it a visit if you are interested.