As a mayor, the duty of an entire city lies upon you, and while you may think that it’s an easy thing being a mayor, the bigger the city, the higher the amount of responsibilities that will lie on you. Mayors are elected in order to make sure that the city they are appointed in are being run properly, people of that city are living the life properly, and law and justice are properly enforced.

All of the above mentioned duties makes it extremely important for the mayor to give his or her 100 percent, and should things go wrong, a mayor is supposed to act quickly, and without prejudice. Needless to say, it’s incredibly important for the mayor to make sure that everything is done in order to run the city properly.

It’s easy for mayor to make mistakes, if you’re a mayor, or you know someone who’s running for mayor, you may want to look at some of the mistakes to avoid as a mayor, something Brimbank Tran Siu highly suggests.

Giving in to Pressure

You need to know that as a mayor, you’ll be subjected to some amount of pressure, and it’s incredibly important for you to remain headstrong in situations like this. Not a lot of people actually understand, and give in to the pressure, something that’s never healthy.

Being Prejudiced

As a mayor, it’s really, really important to be neutral while handling most of the situations, keeping that in mind, you should know that being prejudiced as a mayor is not going to do well for your situation as a mayor. So, whenever you’re dealing with situations, we’d advise you to be as neutral as possible in order to know that you don’t end up making a decision under the influence of stress or emotions.